Similac for Supplementation: Who needs it?

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Market segmentation gone crazy! The newest member of the Similac line of infant formulas is “Similac For Supplementation”, packaged “for breastfeeding moms who choose to introduce formula.”

I can’t imagine what specific need there could be for a formula designed for supplementation, as opposed to one for routine feeding. All of these formulas are already supposed to be the best possible substitute for human milk. On their website, the makers claim that this has “more prebiotics” than other formulas—though it’s not clear why that would be good, or why their other formulas contain less. They also note that “studies have shown that prebiotics produce softer stools”, though a recent review showed that there was no change in stool consistency when babies were fed prebiotic-containing formula.

One might guess that there really isn’t any difference in these formulas at all. The manufacturers only wanted a product out there to attract the eyes of families considering supplementation. Hey, exhausted parents might think. This one is for us!

But that would mean that Similac for Supplementation is just marketing hype, of no real use to anyone.

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One Comment on “Similac for Supplementation: Who needs it?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I used this product on my 8 week old son. He refused to drink all other formulas. Similac sensitive, advanced, soy… Then I saw this product at Walgreens and decided to try it. My son is mainly breastfed, but on the rare occasion that I can’t fill him up enough, I use an ounce or two of formula. This is the ONLY formula out there that tastes similar to breast milk. It’s light and doesn’t hardly have a flavor at all. Since purchasing this formula, I have been able to leave my son with my husband and go out for a few hours without having to pump first. He loves this product and has no gas. Regular stools, and seems content. I recommend this for breast feeding mothers who supplement. It’s the taste that matters to some babies and this is as close to breast milk as it gets.


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