The Ultimate Baby Book for New Dads – my new book, out soon

Hey hey! I’ve got a new book coming out next month, to be released 6/22: The Ultimate Baby Book for New Dads: 100 Ways to Care for Your Baby in Their First Year. It’s a lighthearted “how to” guide for the first year of Dadhood.

This was a whole lot of fun to write, and became my “COVID, but not COVID” project for the year. I’ve been plenty busy dealing with the pandemic, making videos, and taking care of my patients, but I was looking for something worthwhile that could take my mind in a completely different direction. And the Ultimate Baby Book for New Dads was born.

By the way, the book is honestly not all about dads — not even close. Most of it would work great for moms too. But it looked to me that there were plenty of family- and mom-oriented books out there, and the few books that focused on dads were more joke-books than genuinely helpful books. My book isn’t about “Haha look how dumb men are”. It’s about dads who really want to be part of raising a baby. Read it, you’ll love it!

You can preorder it now on Amazon, or just check out the book’s page for more details. You’ll probably want to order several copies, in case your first copy gets worn out, or something. Makes a great gift for soon-to-be Dads and parents, too!

Visit for a more-complete list of my books, other media, and apocrypha. Thanks!

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