Can getting cold give you a cold? A win for Grandma!

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Grandma says, “Bundle up or you’ll catch cold!”

Research just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explains why Grandma may have been right.

A team from Yale University looked at rhinovirus–the most common of the common cold viruses—and the immune response in mice. They found some solid science:

Mouse airway cells infected with mouse-adapted rhinovirus 1B exhibited a striking enrichment in expression of antiviral defense response genes at 37 °C relative to 33 °C, which correlated with significantly higher expression levels of type I and type III IFN genes and IFN-stimulated genes (ISGs) at 37 °C.

In other words, when the nose is at the ordinary body temperature (37 C = 98.6 F), there is a more-robust immune response than when the nose is cold (33 C = 91.4 F). Cold temperatures allow the rhinovirus to replicate and spread more easily.

Does this mean you ought to put a muffler on your pet mouse this winter? Maybe so. And maybe your children, too!

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2 Comments on “Can getting cold give you a cold? A win for Grandma!”

  1. Angela Johnston Says:

    Thanks Dr. Roy, What about kids who already have a cough and/or cold? Should they be kept out of the cold? I love to take my twins outside as much as possible, as I know the fresh air is so good for them, but I never know how it affects them when they are sick. (We live in Ontario, Canada, so the winters can be cold. I’m thinking about minus 10C or so.) I have found very conflicting info online. Thank you, Angela


  2. Dr. Roy Says:

    Angela, I’d recommend seeing how the cold affects them. If they seem comfortable outside, that’s fine; if the cold seems to make them more miserable, stay inside.


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