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Dr Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule? He made it up

January 22, 2013

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Thinking of buying a car? Talk to the people who know about cars. Look in those magazines that rate cars. Try, maybe, driving some different cars around for a while. Or asking people who’ve already purchased one: do you like it? Would you buy it again?

What you probably wouldn’t do is take advice from someone who readily admits that he made it up.

Today, Reddit did one of their “IamA” features, starring Dr. Bob Sears, author of “The Vaccine Book.” This is the guy who created his own “Alternative Vaccine Schedule”, different from the one supported by every genuine health authority in the world. He suggests that parents delay some vaccines, space them out differently, or skip some altogether. One might assume it’s because he has some kind of special insight, or tremendous knowledge, or maybe is just more clever than the rest of us.

Nah. In his own words, when asked about the evidence he relies on to support his alternative schedule, he says:

“There is very little to no evidence.”

This is the entire exchange from Reddit, starting with the question posed by “itsajelly”:

[–]itsajelly 6 points 1 hour ago*

Dr. Sears, what evidence do you have to support your alternative vaccine schedule? Do you think it’s possible it validates parents’ fears about vaccines rather than alleviates them?

[–]DrBobSears[S] 8 points 1 hour ago

There is very little to no evidence. I agree that it’s possible it can validate some parents’ fears, but those parents have probably already chosen to not vaccinate anyway. What I think it achieves MORE often is that it allows parents to go ahead and vaccinate, when they wouldn’t otherwise have done so because they won’t follow the AAP schedule. I think it increases vaccination rates. Anyone who is already naturally opposed to or in favor of vaccination probably is unaffected by my schedule.

[–]itsajelly 2 points 1 hour ago

Thank you for your candid response.

Dr. Sears readily admits he made it up. He goes on to explain that his odd delusions actually increase vaccination rates—as if fear-mongering and pandering actually helps. He could have written a book that rationally explains the evidence, and draws a logical conclusion. Instead, he chose to ignore science to sell more books.

Dr. Bob also claims that “Anyone who is already naturally opposed to or in favor of vaccination probably is unaffected by my schedule.” Tell that to the people catching preventable diseases from unvaccinated children.

The “Alternative Vaccine Schedule” is a sham. It’s been thoroughly deconstructed elsewhere—please see here or here if you really want to get into the nauseating details of how Dr. Bob twisted information, ignored science, and created a pagan idol for unnecessary worry. The man was candid, and I’ll give him props for that. Thanks for the honesty, Bob. In his own words, there is “very little to no” evidence that his schedule is safe or effective. It is, in fact, demonstrably less safe because it exposes children to an increased risk of disease. At the same time, there is no evidence (nor any reason to even speculate) that it is in any way safer than following the established schedule.

Be safe. Rely on science and the people who know what they’re talking about. Vaccinate your child, on schedule, on time.