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Reducing the pain and anxiety of immunizations

April 9, 2008

From DMM, on the Topics Suggestions page: “Any ideas for a kid scared of immunizations. I have a 5 year old who needs his kindergarten shots before August. He has anxiety issues.. He is now able to go to the Pediatrician and trusts her, but he knows that he will need to get some shots before school. Some of his friends have gotten them, and just the mention of them sends my son into meltdown/anxiety attack mode.
Any ideas on how to make this a doable situation for us all?”

I agree that the pre-kindergarten visit can be rough on the kids. The good news is that we can protect our children and their classmates from serious infections. The bad news is for the child himself: that’s 3 or 4 booster shots. Though many kids take this in stride, it can be a scary experience for many children.