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Taking a newborn outside

May 23, 2008

A post from Steve: “I have a newborn baby girl and I was wondering how long after birth does she need to stay in the house. I have heard everything from 1 month to three. If we do take her out what places should we avoid?”

If your daughter is healthy– born at or near term, with no problems—she can go outside any time the weather is nice.


Sunscreen for babies

April 12, 2008

KM writes, “I have recently read that it is ok to apply sunscreen to infants under 6 months. Is this true? Can it be applied to the face? Is there a certain product that is better for their sensitive skin? Also, any suggestions for skin protection this summer for an under 6 month infant besides minimal sun exposure and a hat ? Thanks.”

Sunscreen can safely be used at any age, but parents need to know that that young babies may be at special risk from too much sun exposure. (more…)