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Which supplements are best for kids?

June 8, 2008

Andrea posted: “I have two children, ages 4 yrs. and 15 months. Both are very picky eaters. The youngest is quite difficult – he spits out all meats and most fruits/vegetables. I know that a balanced diet is the best answer and that is my goal, but for now I am very interested in supplements. What do you recommend for toddlers? One year olds? And how do you determine the appropriate dosage for each child? I recently read about the benefits of fish oils – do you recommend this supplement? Are there any resources that you recommend where I can learn more about dietary supplements?”

Fortunately, most of the food in the developed world is fortified with multiple vitamins and minerals. With very few exceptions (we’ll talk about those later), vitamin deficiencies are just about unheard of in the United States, at least among children who have ready access to food. On the other hand, an ordinary multivitamin with safe doses of vitamins is going to be harmless, and may put your mind at ease. (more…)