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Mysterious finger rash, solved!

August 13, 2012

The Pediatric Insider

© 2012 Roy Benaroch, MD

In the good old days, docs could discover new things, and name them after themselves. These are probably thousands of these eponyms: Osler’s Nodes, the Sphincter of Oddi, Rovsing’s Sign, Sinding-Larssen-Johansson Syndrome—there are hundreds of these for doctors to reel off, impressing patients and medical students alike. Names like these aren’t really in style now, but I figure if I find something cool, maybe I can squeeze in one more eponymous disease?

Presenting: Benaroch’s Palmar-Piscinian Dermatitis

Two brothers presented in the summer simultaneously with a red rash on their fingertips, sparing the folds of the knuckles. The rash was only on the palmar surfaces of the hands. Here’s what it looks like:

Upon questioning, it was discovered that the boys had been playing “Sharks and Minnows” in the pool for several hours, and gripping the concrete sides of the pool with their fingers.

The family was reassured, and the boys were sent back to the pool.

There. Now I am famous. Yay!

7/30/2019 edit: It looks like someone named this “pool palms” in 2015. Their name is snappier, but I was first! I also have some new photos donated by a doc in the UK of his kiddo with same rash, see below!