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To circ or not to circ

September 30, 2008

Jennifer asked about the medical evidence for and against circumcision: “A family doctor friend said there is new evidence (based on studies in S. Africa and New Zealand) suggesting that circumcisions for boys can reduce chances for HIV by 50%, and that uncircumcised men had 3x the incidence of STDs between the ages of 18-25. He said there is also strong evidence that circumcising males lowers the risk for UTIs, genital ulcer disease, penile cancer and HPV. Has the medical community changed their minds recently on recommending circumcisions as a preventative measure based on recent (limited) evidence?”

The current recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is that there is not sufficient evidence to support routine circumcisions on all baby boys. They acknowledge that cultural and religious factors are important and should be considered when making recommendations to parents. In other words, while the AAP agrees that there are medical benefits to circumcision, these don’t clearly outweigh the risks of the procedure. In the opinion of the AAP, it’s not a slam-dunk to circumcise. (more…)