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Is there a topic you’d like to hear about? First, see if it’s already been answered by using the search box. Try a few different but similar terms to find relevant posts. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Use the form below to send me your suggestion!

I cannot personally answer every topic suggestion and post. Topics that are brief and general are more likely to be answered, as are questions that are interesting or unique. Questions that are long or involve a lot of specific details about a specific child should be asked of your child’s own pediatrician, in person, not on a public blog like this one. Please don’t include any personal information that could identify you or your child.

Once I get your suggestion, I will begin feverishly researching your answer. In fact, I’ve probably already started. Please check back frequently and look at recent posts for your answer, and feel free to post a comment there for follow-up. Thanks!