COVID in perspective: What we can all agree on

It’s not over yet. In some ways, we’re about back where we started, with a few key differences.  Delta is far more contagious. Kids are now catching COVID at ever-increasing rates, and pediatric hospitalizations are soaring. And we’ve got a safe and effective vaccine that’s saving thousands of lives – and could save many more.

For the latest studies, news, and statistics, check out my Facebook videos. Here, I want to focus more on things that I hope just about everyone can agree with. Starting on common ground might be a way to help us work together to keep each other safe.  

We need to appreciate & cultivate the people in healthcare more than the technology. There are no wonderdrugs for COVID, and it’s unlikely we’ll have one soon. What’s saving lives are nurses, techs, respiratory therapists, and physicians. We need more of them, and far more mental health resources too. Hospital beds and ventilators are not the bottleneck. We need to better invest in training and supporting the people we need to get through this.

Science shouldn’t be by press release and prepublications. Ordinary people & the press have not become accustomed to seeing sausage being made, and physician-scientists are coming across as waffling & inconsistent. Worse, many papers are being retracted – after wide media coverage. Poor studies are being weaponized and causing harm and mistrust.

Kids need a pause. We’re not yet able to provide a safe, effective learning experience in many communities. Let’s admit that, and stop pretending that children are learning the way they should. Unreasonable expectations are causing physical and mental illness among students and teachers. Give them a break. It’s not a race.

Let’s be honest about the length of this worldwide crisis. Things will not “get back to normal” soon.

Keeping people healthy and keeping the economy healthy are the same goals. Can’t have one without the other.

The “enemy” isn’t the other political party, or some other country, or people with whom you disagree. The “enemy” is a virus that doesn’t care what you think or what you believe. United we stand, divided we …. well, you know.

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One Comment on “COVID in perspective: What we can all agree on”

  1. Brilliantly said, Dr. Roy! Your insight is wonderful.


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