Garlic for ear infections? Think again.

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Supermouse wanted to know:

One of my sons recently developed an ear infection, and various people have suggested sticking a clove of garlic in his ear, or garlic ear drops. Of course, we took him to the doctor who prescribed Amoxicillin, which worked quickly and well.

I have a hard time believing that garlic is a natural antibiotic that could be substituted for actual antibiotics. I could believe that garlic has antibiotic properties, but that shoving garlic in your ear (besides just being a bad idea to stick things in one’s ear) would be a poor way to access them.

So…does garlic have an antibiotic properties? Could it be used (in some form, drops into/onto the infection or eating it) to cure an infection?

First: does garlic have antibiotic properties? Can it kill or suppress the growth of bacteria? It makes sense that it would. Vegetables and other things that live and grow have evolved elaborate mechanisms to fight back against anything that wants to kill them. Armadillos have those hard shells, poison dart frogs have poison, and manatees have – well, I don’t know what they have, but considering that their natural predator is the speedboat, what they probably need is some kind of rocket harpoon. Plants, too, have elaborate defenses, like spikes on cactuses, or toxic chemicals that prevent them from getting eaten or infected with parasites and bacteria. Yes, your vegetables are literally loaded with toxins, including antibiotics. Elaborate chemical studies that have confirmed this – multiple substances in garlic do fight bacteria.

But does that mean garlic, placed in the ear, can help fight off an ear infection? Nope, it can’t. It’s a simple matter of anatomy. An “ear infection” – more properly called an “otitis media” – is an infection in the middle ear cavity, behind your eardrum. Unless you poke a garlic clove in far enough to pop the drum and push on through (do NOT do that), garlic placed in the ear cannot get to the site of the infection. Putting garlic in your ear to combat an ear infection is like putting oil next to your car engine for lubrication, or putting food near your mouth to eat it. To fight an infection, an antibiotic needs to be where the bacteria are. And an ear infection is internal, on the other side of your eardrum, where garlic or garlic oil pushed into the ear cannot reach.

But, and here’s the rub: if you put garlic in your child’s ear during an ear infection, will he get better? Probably yes. That’s because most ear infections get better on their own, without any antibiotic at all. You can stick garlic in the ear, or margarine, or a banana, or skinny Aunt Lulu – any of those might seem to work, but none of them will make any difference at all. Still, you’ll see it all over The Internets: I put garlic in an ear, and the infection got better, so yeah. Sorry. That doesn’t prove anything.

Side note: there’s another cause of ear pain, called a swimmer’s ear (or “otitis externa”). This is an infection of the ear canal itself, outside of the eardrum. Hypothetically garlic placed in the ear could reach that surface. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Swimmer’s ears hurt, and hurt bad, and pressing a garlic clove in there may make it hurt more.

Garlic steeped in olive oil sounds like a great spread for crostini, and it might keep vampires away. But it’s not going to help anyone with an ear infection.

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11 Comments on “Garlic for ear infections? Think again.”

  1. Great simple explanation of the difference between correlation and causation. Thanks!


  2. supermouse Says:

    Thank you! I was trying to refute this ridiculous argument (about garlic being curative for ear infections), but I don’t have medical credentials, so why should anyone listen to me? Now I can cite your blog post every time I see anyone suggest sticking garlic in the ears. This also explains why that quack Mercola sells garlic oil for ear infections—-he’s counting on the infection resolving itself. What an unethical racket he has going on there.

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  3. wzrd1 Says:

    Garlic does indeed have antibiotic properties – in food. It’s one of the reasons that warm areas have it heavily laden in their foods. That dates back from the pre-refrigeration era, when foods were quite literally left out for hours to days at a time.
    Frankly, in today’s world, I use garlic because it’s tasty. 🙂
    Just as I’ll use real medicine and not herbal variable dosage items to treat disease, sure some herbals do indeed work for some afflictions, but they’re variable in dosage at the plant level, freshness level and preparation level. Variability isn’t common in modern drugs, the FDA ensures that is so. That means, when I my amlodipine besylate, I know that it will nearly always be 10 mg per tablet and what isn’t is quite close to 10 mg – close enough to not count.
    Plants can’t and don’t do that, they’re highly variable.


  4. weebeater Says:

    I’m reading this right now with a garlic clove sticking partially out of my ear, amusing myself with the possibility that it doesn’t work as a home remedy. I can feel a tingling sensation in the outer layers of my skin where the garlic juices are saturating my body, and the smell of the fruit is filling me with vivid memories of its life as a plant. I feel whole.


  5. D Says:

    It does help with ear infections. After doing this instead of an antibiotic with an ear infection, the ear infection quickly cleared up and pain reduced greatly. Did the same for the next infection and she had no more after that. Much better for us than antibiotics for an ear infection.

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  6. Mu Says:

    Are you a doctor?

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  7. Joseph Says:

    Another idiot…of course garlic in some cases are more powerful than man made antibiotics…you doctors need to go back to school..

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  8. Jen Says:

    This is terribly inaccurate. Sure sticking a garlic cloves in your ear might not help but garlic oil works wonders for ear infections and helps with the pain. I have used it on diagnosed ear infections with my child multiple times instead of antibiotics and it works. We see the results within two days. It does all of this without wiping out all of your gut Flora like antibiotics do.

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  9. Carolina Casals Says:

    Have used garlic remedy many times and it works. Even my pediatrician recommends it as she has seen it work with many of her families. I have avoided antibiotics many times and avoided explosive diarrhea and poor gut health with my kids.

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  10. vivalamiaa Says:

    This is an article fishing for emotional responses to discredit any faith in garlic. Of course, it isn’t effective in inner ear infections because it can’t physically reach the inner ear, any knowledge and research about basic ear physiology can tell you that.This article is poorly written and automatically discounts garlic through fallacies confining it to a food product. Only at the end is an outer ear infection considered, which are pretty common, and which garlic oil does work for.

    As someone who has had frequent outer ear infections for the last decade, I can attest to its consistent efficacy. I personally use HerbPharm’s Mullein Garlic blend which currently is effectively treating a recurring ear infection that my prescribed antibiotics lost their efficacy for. Please read articles like this with a critical mind. Read multiple sources, check for biased and manipulative language (pervasive throughout this article), and understand why certain holistic remedies have been so extensively used before immediately discounting them as idiocy.

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  11. Dr. Roy Says:

    Something strange is going on here. I wrote this well over a year ago. It’s a (frankly) non-controversial post.

    Now, after all of this time, I’m being clouted by big garlic. I’ve deleted the comments with foul language. The rest of you can judge for yourself. I think we’ve got a nice sampling of an alternative point of view. Comments closed.


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