Insiders, we have a winner!

The winner of our “What should I call people who follow this blog” contest is Mindy E., who suggested “Insiders”. No, it’s not too obvious (I didn’t think of it, and I’ve been hacking away at this blog for 8 years). It’s perfect!

Mindy E. gets a copy of my new lecture series from The Great Courses, Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine. Which, by the way, is on sale now for as low as $45 for the audio download. What a bargain!  The audio-only features my fine bosso voice, and you don’t even have to look at me. You’re all winners! (Though, more accurately speaking, only Mindy E. is a winner, because she gets it for free. The rest of you are expected to pony up.)

Thanks for playing and following, Insiders!

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One Comment on “Insiders, we have a winner!”

  1. Erin Weber Says:

    Nice idea, Mindy!! Insider’s sounds so official!!:)


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