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Heya! For all of my loyal followers (and anyone else who stumbles onto this page, thank you Google), I’ve got a very cool, completely legit, no-strings attached way for you to try out lectures from my publisher, The Great Courses.

These guys produce top-quality audio- or video- lectures about all sorts of things—science, philosophy, history, music, basically all of the things you wished you learned about in college. But this time, there’s no tests and no pressure. Just the best lecturers in the world, gabbing on about cool stuff. Seriously—they find great people to write and perform the lectures, and then they record them on state-of-the-art equipment to make us look like we’re not yahoos. I was a customer of theirs for years before they invited me to join their stable, and I will honestly say that if you like to learn, you’ll love these lectures. You can buy the lectures in audio or video formats for all kinds of devices, and they’ve got this weirdly too-good-to-be-true, no-time-limit money back guarantee.

And now they’re rolling out a new way to enjoy the lectures, a subscription streaming service that gives you access to just about entire catalog, to watch or listen to as many or as few lectures as you want, from any of the courses. Even mine! (BTW you should click the video preview in that link—slick, amiright?!)

Best of all, this is your exclusive chance to try out the new Great Courses Plus subscription service—at no cost at all. They’re beta testing the system, and for a limited time you can sign up and enjoy for free!

To sign up, follow this link to The Great Courses Plus and use invitation code “BENAROCH”. Be sure to check out my course! Some of my other favorites include history lectures by Rufus Fears, music by Dr. Robert Greenberg, and history lectures by Patrick Allitt, But, honestly, just click around and check out what looks interesting. It’s all good, and this is a great free chance to sample whatever you’d like!

Right now, only my first lecture series is available—Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases. (56 reviews! All 5-star! I’d like to thank the academy! Etc!) It’s a series of medical mystery cases for anyone to solve—and to learn about medicine and medical decision making along the way. My next lecture series, Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine, should come out in November or so. And I’m currently writing a third series, called Medical School for Everyone: Pediatrics, we’ll be taping in November. All

Things are busy around here at The Pediatric Insider headquarters! Thanks to everyone for visiting, commenting, and sending in topic suggestions– I’ll almost certainly get to every single question long before the sun burns down to a teeny lump of coal. I also really appreciate all of your Twitter follows and retweets, Facebook reposts, and whatever the heck else is happening to these posts. We’re up to about 2 million hits since this blog began in 2008, which I think is good, and makes me at least as influential as Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy (Who, you ask? Exactly. Though he did get to meet Elmo. I am jealous.) You guys rock!

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