Child can’t tie shoelaces? Problem solved!

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For most kids, shoelaces are no big deal. But some kids have fine motor problems and just can’t seem to get a good knot. Velcro is great for younger kids, but let’s face it: bigger-sized Velcro shoes are just plain ugly. What’s a parent to do?

There is hope! There’s more than one way to tie a shoe. I do the traditional “loop around the tree and the bunny pokes his head out of the hole” method. Many kids seem to do better by tying two loops together. Here’s a third way—it’s really simple, and I think many kids may find it easier than any of the traditional methods. You tie a half-hitch (just an ordinary x-knot, whatever you want to call it), then another half-hitch, and poke the aglets thru the hole between the knots. The video makes it much more clear. There are loads of other “easy-tie” videos on Youtube worth exploring for the shoelace challenged.

Still too difficult, or just too much bother? Maybe you’ve got a child who can tie shoes, but is too lazy to do it. Here’s another option: shoelace replacements called “Lock Laces.” They look good, they come in all sorts of colors, and they’re really easy to use.

Or just stick with Velcro. They can’t all look bad

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One Comment on “Child can’t tie shoelaces? Problem solved!”

  1. supermouse Says:

    I am going to try to get my boys to learn to tie shoes…so far, we’ve never been able to find shoes in their size that HAVE laces. So maybe I’ll try to teach them on my shoes.


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