Thanks a million!

The Pediatric Insider

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Six years, about 500 posts—and finally, this week, the blog made it to 1 million hits. Thanks to everyone for visiting. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Please continue to spread the word. You can follow me via Twitter, or join the email list or grab the RSS via the buttons on the right. I’ve also recently added share buttons under all of the posts from the home screen, so if you like what you see (or completely disagree—either way makes for good reading) share with your Facebook pals and whatnot.

Keep your topic ideas and questions coming. Most of these posts are from your suggestions. But remember, this is not a forum to solicit medical advice about your child. If you’ve got a specific question, ask your doctor. Posts here are meant to provide general medical information only. If your comment or suggestion is a specific question about your own child, I’m going to delete it. That’s what it says in the posting guidelines, and that’s the way it is.

I hope to see you for another million hits. Thanks again!

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