Thursday Roundup: Bureaucrats making medical decisions, why people cling to weird beliefs, and the next Jenny McCarthy

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Summer’s almost here, and I need to get outside to plant my ‘maters. So let’s let someone else write the blog post today! Here’s some articles written by other people that you might enjoy:

From The Wall Street Journal, “The Bureaucrat Sitting on Your Doctor’s Shoulder”. Written by Atlanta Ped Opth Zane Pollard, a chilling recap of what’s happening every day. You may think your doctor is making the decisions, but he or she isn’t the one who makes the final decision. It’s not just Medicaid, believe me. Docs spend hours every day fighting through pre-authorizations and insurance obstacles. And it’s only going to get worse.

Some psychology insight from The New Yorker: “I Don’t Want to be Right.” We know facts alone will not sway many who believe false things. Why? Our memory and our minds are not like computers—and what we believe may reflect more about who we think we are than what the world is really like.

Speaking of which: now that Jenny McCarthy is trying to re-invent herself as a somewhat-less-anti-vaccine-nutjob, who’ll be the next celebrity to pick up the fact-free fear-mantle? Apparently, none other than Alicia Silverstone. We could just ignore the inanity (parents should chew their child’s food, and kids should poop outside), but now that she’s actively trying to convince parents that vaccines and doctors are evil, she’s truly crossed to The Dark Side of Clueless.

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