Medical School for Everyone – My new lecture series is available!

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If you haven’t had enough of me already…. my latest media project is now available! Want to know what it’s like to be a doctor, to sift through the clues to figure out the medical mysteries? Let me be your guide!

Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases is a series of 24 thirty minute lectures, available as audio-only or on DVD. I wrote and produced them with the help of The Great Courses—and these are really top-notch, professionally edited and produced lectures.  Each Grand Rounds is a medical mystery case for you to enjoy. Listen for the clues to help figure it out! You’ll learn a lot about medicine, but also about how doctors think. I think you’ll see that understanding how doctors look at medical problems can help you become a better, healthier patient.

The Great Courses has a 100% guarantee, so you can return the series if you want—but I think you’ll like the presentations. This is your chance to solve medical mysteries yourself. The series is geared towards people without any medical training, but I think it would also be a great experience for students entering or considering entering medical or nursing school.

Please visit The Great Courses to learn more about my lecture series and to purchase the series if you’re interested. Thanks!

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2 Comments on “Medical School for Everyone – My new lecture series is available!”

  1. I purchased this on Audible and can’t wait to listen to it! As soon as I finish the new Terry Pratchett, of course.


  2. Dr. Roy Says:

    Thanks, I hope you like it! And the Terry Pratchett, too, of course. Considering, it’s pretty good…. but Unseen Academicals was probably his last really good Ankh-Morpork book.


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