An HPV vaccine win!

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A terrific study gauging the effectiveness of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) in Australia shows the power of a national program to fight disease. It works!

In April 2007, Australia started a national, government-funded program to provide HPV vaccine to all young women accessing health services.  After only four years, they found that among vaccinated women, the prevalence of vaccine-preventable HPV infection had dropped from about 30% to 7%. Even among unvaccinated women, the rate of infection dropped by about half. Vaccines help not only the vaccinated, but also the entire community (the opposite is also true—not vaccinating harms not only the child, but the community as well.)

Now that HPV vaccine is also recommended for boys and men, the impact will be even greater. Dramatically reducing HPV infections will lead to a tremendous drop in cancer. This is huge.

HPV vaccination is safe and effective, and is recommended starting at age 11 or 12 for boys and girls. Why wait? Protect your kids, protect us all. More information here.

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5 Comments on “An HPV vaccine win!”

  1. Louis Tom Says:

    Is the HPV Vaccine Safe? Many parents worry about giving their teens this new
    Men Insider


  2. Dr. Roy Says:

    The HPV vaccine is very safe. The links above provide more details, and these may help address your concerns as well:

    CDC HPV vaccine safety info and

    Recent Wall Street Journal story on HPV vaccine safety:


  3. Dr. Roy Says:

    Ms. Laflamme, the link doesn’t work, I get the cryptic page “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Walker_Page in /home/southweb/public_html/lifewise/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 974”.


  4. Dr. Roy Says:

    OK, I did some minimal digging based on the URL Ms. Laflamme posted– the same article is all over the place, copied verbatim, on dozens on antivax sites (as well as some colorful alien conspiracy sites. Um, thanks Google.) She was never a lead researcher, and her comments were taken way out of context. After those comments were blasted all over the anti-vax-o-sphere, she restated her unequivocal support for the vaccine, and her annoyance at how her words were twisted. Here’s an account:

    AND: now, even more confirmation that HPV vaccine works: It works, it’s safe, it prevents serious disease. This is a victory for health!


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