The Best Sandwiches in Dunwoody

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© 2012 Roy Benaroch, MD

You want a good sandwich? Come to Dunwoody. It’s right there on our sign—“The Best Sandwiches in the World.” Or it should be, anyway. Don’t believe me? Try these, the Best of the Best, the most mouthwateringly ineffably tasty ‘wiches you’ll ever meet. In no particular order, these are the tops:

Bahn Mi at C’om Vietnamese Grill. Perfect French bread, meat, radishy-sorta veggies. And probably other magic ingredients I can’t name. Fresh jalapeños are served separately—stick ‘em in there for a surprise. At lunch you can get your choice of Bahn Mi (pork, beef, fish, etc) plus a pile of tasty matchstick-chopped apple/mango salad for less than $10. Add a Vietnamese iced coffee for dessert.

Brisket Reuben at Goldberg’s. Brisket, kraut, swiss, rye, grilled. With a side of the best potato salad anywhere. It’s a special, I think on Tuesday, though Mr. Wright will get you one any day if you ask nicely.

Cuban Sandwich at Palomilla’s. Pressed ham, roast pork, mayo, pickle, some kind of tasty cheese. That’s two kinds of pig for two kinds of yum. Ask for plantains instead of fries, and a Café Cubano too. And next time you go, have the Lechon Asado and another Cuban Coffee.

Rebel Reuben at Wright’s Gourmet. Any list of top Dunwoody sandwiches has to include Wright’s—if they slap it on bread, it’s good. Some of you may object to there being two Reubens on this list, but this one is only a kinda Reuben, with turkey and slaw plus thousand island on perfectly round pumpernickel. Grilled, of course.

Falafel at Sababa. Fresh pita, crunchy falafel, and the salad is already built-in for those of you in a hurry. But slow down and enjoy yourself. Also at Sababa are great lamb burgers and schwarma.

#20 at E 48th Street Market. Homemade mozz, roasted peppers, basil, pesto. On a fresh-baked crusty Italian roll. All of the sandwiches at this family-owned and -run local haunt are terrific, just like momma used to make—if your momma lives in New York and owns an Italian deli.

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