A quarter-million! Take that, Marcel Proust!

The Pediatric Insider

© 2012 Roy Benaroch, MD


Just a quick thanks! This here little blog has just zipped by 250,000 hits since inception. A quarter of a million visits to read my little bits of wisdom, and sometimes share your own. That’s more hits than blogs by Marcel Proust, William Shakespeare, and Ernest Hemingway, combined!


I want to thank all of you, so I’ve mailed everyone who’s ever visited a special note. Because of postal regulations, they’ll probably look like letters from Netflix or AT&T, but rest assured they’re actually from me. And when I say “Phone, Internet, and Television—only $99!”, what I mean is: Thanks for stopping by The Pediatric Insider. Ya’ll keep reading, and I’ll keep writin’. K? K!

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One Comment on “A quarter-million! Take that, Marcel Proust!”

  1. Holly Misirly Says:

    Congrats, Dr. Roy! Keep posting – you are one of my only regular stops on the net!



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