Letters to the editor

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I get a fair amount of email and comments on the blog—some are great, and some are just plain weird. Feel free to add comments to any post on this blog, or you can send me a private message through a webform. Either way, I read everything. If I don’t respond, it’s entirely my fault.

Here’s some recent posts worth sharing. They’re all genuine, I promise. First, a short post from someone named “Giubbotti” on the About this site page:

Wanted great article with your blog page, it truly gives me a look during this issue.

Thanks Giubbotti! I think!

Sac Hermes posted this gem:

 In reality such as your web sites particulars! Without any doubt a wonderful provide of information that is very useful. Carry on to offer posting that i’m planning to move reading through through! Take care.

 More kudos from someone who posted with a URL rather than a name:

 This is some thing which i dont usually do, but what the hell i loved your post so i desire to say thank you. You’ve got gotten a loyal reader.

Finally, one last comment, a short post by “Canada Goose”, or maybe it should have been “Canada Gander”:

 I’m a website crazed man or woman and i desire to read through great blog site for instance you.

 Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. or Mrs. Goose!

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2 Comments on “Letters to the editor”

  1. jodib Says:

    I think you should respond with a picture of Wil Wheaton collating paper.


  2. jack Says:

    Its like this email I got selling me weight loss pills yesterday …

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    progress/MDSGV this scraper/M cantilever/GSMD burglar/MS Manichean
    congruous publication/AMS oarswoman/M crumbliness/M another? Tenths
    baroque/M chivalric dinette/MS. Throng/GSMD Anibal/M as slighting/Y
    Armando/M Ticonderoga? Fruitiness/M mussy/TR ticktacktoe/M aisle/MS
    hyperfine diagrammatically there Reykjavik/M Shauna/M Trieste delude/GDS
    whirl/SMDG Edda is zounds chargeable/A Hf/M. Elohim darer/M Dec/M
    lose/ZGRSBJ hep Gordian/M pastry/SM flawlessness/M there coo/GSMD Honda/M”
    enlightening/U equipped/UA kale/M bang/SZGMDR topcoat/SM slowcoach/S
    pepsin/M a shrank miry/RT Miltiades pullover/SM asked/U stopoff
    Switzerland/M recognition/S that bulletin/MDGS snobbish/PY, fagot/SMG
    consonantal that antihistamine/SM westernization/M Tallchief/M sidemen
    chancellery/SM another cousin/SMY radius/M compressor/SM imam/MS
    decision/IM Amway/M butter/MDG Newark/M? Ripcord/MS flask/SM mental/Y


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