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I’ve got a crazy-busy family thing coming up, and little time to write. So it’s time to rest on my laurels (wherever they are) and post links to stuff that I think you’ll be interested in, written by other people. Enjoy!

Do we have a drug problem in The United States? Yes, and it’s not what you’re thinking. More medicine (or more medical care) doesn’t necessarily improve health.

The latest from a manufactured, fake controversy: another nail in the coffin of the completely disproven myth that vaccines cause autism.

Placebos can help, but only if doctors go along with the sham and lie to their patients. The Hippocratic Oath and centuries of tradition forbid physicians from deliberately misleading patients. That doesn’t stop many practitioners of alternative medicine. But if the patient genuinely feels better after a placebo, is it unethical to promote them? What if there isn’t a safe, non-placebo alternative?

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