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I’ve always thought it’s kind of lazy to make a blog post of a bunch of links to other people’s stuff. It’s sort of like slapping a book cover over “The Brothers Karamazov” that says “Here, read this, By Me”. On the other hand, perhaps you wouldn’t otherwise read Dostoevsky’s final novel, a philosophical exploration of the existence of God and the contradictions of free will. I know I haven’t. But I mean to, and if I’m going to ever get through it, I’ll need to spend less time writing, and more time posting rehashed material and lists of my latest favorite web sites. So here you go!

TwoPedsinaPod is a homey, very readable, and very practical blog full of pediatric advice written by two smart docs I met at a big peds conference.

Need help paying for prescription medications? Try this site first. Needymeds is a genuine non-profit that will help guide you towards drug assistance and other programs to help you pay for medicines. They also offer a free drug discount card that you can download, print, and start using right away.

Need reliable (rather than hysterical) information about the H1N1 flu epidemic? Go to the CDC’s comprehensive site of info, and stop watching the local news.

Shot of Prevention is an unabashedly pro-vaccine site providing thoughtful, well-researched articles to weigh against the proliferation of anti-vax lunacy on the web.

Is your child a beginning reader, or an almost-beginning reader? The Starfall website has lots of free, fun stuff to help kids on their way! For education stuff for elementary school age kids, check out Funbrain.

And this is just funny.

Enjoy, and post your own links below!

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One Comment on “Roy gets lazy: A web roundup”

  1. Julie Kardos Says:

    Thanks Roy! When I figure out how, I’ll link back to your site–I really enjoy it!
    (The curly-haired ped in the pod)


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