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Josie’s wondering if sharing her Slim Fast shake is a good idea: “My son is almost 2 (2 months shy) and ever since I let him have a sip of my Slim Fast shake (those chocolate milk drinks in a can), he cries and cries for one everyday. I understand that they are completely insufficient at providing him with the fat, protein, vitamins and minerals he needs on a daily basis, but my question is, is it horribly wrong for me to let him have one every once in a while?  The whole point in those shakes are to give you the minerals and vitamins you need, minus the fat, right? Other than the times I do let him have one, he eats plenty and has a very well balanced diet.”

From their web site, here’s a list of typical Slim Fast ingredients: fat-free milk, water, sugar, gum arabic, calcium caseinate, cellulose gel, canola oil, potassium phosphate, soybean lecithin, mono and diclycerides, artificial flavors, carrageen and dextrose. (Most of the flavors are more-or-less like this, with some variations.) After those items are a long list of added vitamins and minerals. I don’t see anything offensive in the list, though this wouldn’t be appropriate for those with milk or soy allergies.

Looking further at the label, an 8 oz Slim Fast has 220 calories, including 3 grams of fat, 35 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of protein. For comparison:

(all per 8 oz)


Fat, grams

Protein, grams

Sugar, grams

Slim Fast





Apple Juice





Skim Milk





Whole Milk





To me, the striking thing about Slim Fast is how high it is in sugar—higher than any of these other choices. It sort of has the protein content of milk, the sugar content of juice, and the fat of low-fat milk. It’s also very calorie-dense, much more so than even whole milk.

So: there’s nothing inherently wrong with Slim Fast, though if you use it as a substitute for milk (even whole milk), your child will get far more calories than you might expect. It’s meant to be a substitute for food. A little now and then will do no harm, but regular consumption of it as a beverage may end up putting your child at risk for overweight. A more cynical person might say that the manufacturer thinks that’s not such a bad idea.

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13 Comments on “Slim Fast for kids”

  1. Calvin Gin Says:

    What about Slimfast Low Carb Creamy Chocolate Shake?

    Calories 190g
    Total Fat 9.0g
    Cholesterol 15mg
    Sodium 260 mg
    Total Carbohydrates 6.0g
    Dietary Fiber 4.0g
    Sugar 1.0
    Protein 20.0

    Good points: Low in sugar and high in protein and vitamins.

    What do you think for a 30 months old child?


  2. Dr. Roy Says:

    Calvin, it’s probably fine for an occasional drink. But it’s not a food substitute for toddlers.


  3. michelle Says:

    Is drinking an occasional slimfast a viable option for an almost 3 year old child who refuses to eat and needs to gain some weight?


  4. Dr. Roy Says:

    Again, it’s probably fine for an occasional drink, but it’s not a food substitute.


  5. Levi Says:

    What about for a sick 19 month old who is not eating much and what she is eating is having a hard time staying down is this a good source? I know that ensure would probably be better but had to get what gas station had so was limited on choices thanks doc


  6. Dr. Roy Says:

    Again, it’s probably fine for an occasional drink, but it’s not a food substitute. And I’m not so sure it’s particularly likely to stay down if a child has a vomiting illness. Worth a try in a pinch, I suppose.


  7. Lynette Says:

    Our 16 year old son doesn’t and won’t take the time to eat breakfast. He sleeps in and allows himself only a few minutes to shower and dress for school. He wants to drink a Slimfast everyday before going to school. He said it makes him feel more alert in the morning. Your opinion?


  8. Dr. Roy Says:

    I’d still be hungry on 220 calories, but something is probably better than nothing.


  9. Shirley Says:

    I gave my 22 mo. Granddaughter a half teaspoon of slim fast in 10 oz. sippy cup…she drank maybe 5 oz. she is a premie weighing 2lb 14oz at birth. Is this dangerous?


  10. Dr. Roy Says:

    Shirley, I can’t imagine how that could be harmful.


  11. Tori Says:

    Can a sixteen-year-old partake in a Slim Fast diet?


  12. fedjina Says:

    can a 6 month drink it


  13. Starr delacruz Says:

    I give my 23 month old the shake with milk but not everyday and he eats other foods but hes wearing 12 month old jeans and 18 month old jeans hes almost 2 is slim fast shake making him lose weight or is it just that hes active


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