Silent ringtone for iPhone

If you don’t have an iPhone, you ought to get one. That way, you’d be way cooler, and you’d be able to enjoy this post.

Every phone I’ve had before has a ringtone choice, “silent”, that you can assign to callers that you don’t want to answer. I don’t want to silence all rings, just silence particular callers that I know I don’t want to answer. Telemarketers, probation officers, that sort of thing. The iPhone lacks this feature. For some reason, Steve Jobs apparently wants to talk to any freak who calls him…but how about the rest of us? When will a clever pediatrician come up with a way to fix Apple’s mistakes?

Your long wait is over.

Click here to download a tiny ringtone file I made of absolute silence. Let it open with iTunes if your browser gives you that choice, or save it to the desktop then double-click the file. Sync your iPhone and it will upload to the device as a custom ringtone called “Silence.” Then you can go thru your contact list and assign this ringtone individually to anyone you don’t want to answer. Another idea: make a contact called “Spam” or “Freaks” or whatever, and when you get repeated calls from numbers you don’t need to hear from, assign the numbers to this contact. You won’t even know when these losers call you anymore. Sweet.

Now, you may think that this has nothing at all to do with children or health or pediatric care. You’d be right.

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32 Comments on “Silent ringtone for iPhone”

  1. Amanda Clark Says:

    Love it!


  2. ddz Says:

    i have been searching for a simple solution to a crazy ex constantly calling…. thank you!!!!


  3. Stephanie Says:

    this worked great! Thanks for doing something that Steve Jobs thought we didn’t need!!!!!


  4. Lee Says:

    Thank you so much !


  5. mike Says:

    you really are awesome. thank you so much. you made it so easy.


  6. Mike J Says:

    Dude, you SO rock. Thank you!


  7. Julie Hewett Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does the iPhone NOT have this? I use it all of the time.


  8. Laurie Says:

    Thanks so much. This is great. I can’t believe that the Iphone does not have this available…You’re the best.


  9. Thank you! Says:

    Thanks so much, now I have everyone on silent! Just a few on “old phone” 🙂


  10. Hugh Says:

    You are a WONDERFUL person – life is going to be SO much better!!! 🙂


  11. pinkluxe Says:

    omg thank u so much. i have been scouring the net looking for this. you’re awesome.


  12. Steve Says:

    Such a simple solution! Happened on your post after 2 hours of wrestling with itunes documentation, spending $0.99 to download their silent ringtone and an additional $0.99 to convert it to ringtone format and still couldn’t get the stupid thing to load on my iPhone. Your file solved the problem in less than 2 minutes. Now if there was just some way to get my $1.98 back from Apple …


  13. hnj22 Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! A bank scam as gotten my cell number and call me starting at 8am and until 9pm and call about 10-15 times per day. I was going insane! Thank you soooo much!


  14. stevejobs Says:

    thx, i’ve been looking all over for a solution for unwanted callers. you rock!


  15. Dr. Roy Says:

    Thanks Mr Jobs!


  16. Dusty Says:

    Thank you! My old phone had this, and I was surprised this was absent on my new iPhone!


  17. Tom Says:

    What a great Thanksgiving gift. Such a simple app that does quite a bit. Thank you!


  18. Fed Up Says:

    Wow, just what the doctor ordered. I’m so sick and tired of answering Mexican telemarketers who can’t not speak’a the language, si, no comprende, whatever? This little ringtone is 122K of sweetness. Now can you find an iPhone 3GS app that surgically routes these silenced telemarketers into voice-mail hell forevermore? Serious, I seek such a vindictive little app! 😉


  19. Gautam Says:

    Thanks so much, worked like a charm!

    Thanks Doc. You’re the best.


  20. Amanda Says:

    oh thank GOD!!! i’ve had my DNA (do not answer) calls set to cricket chirps, but i’d really rather not deal at all (i mean, they start @ 8:30am – EASTERN).

    you, sir, are awesome.


  21. happyhippie Says:

    Thank you so much! I recently dropped my iPhone, breaking off the switch to silence it, but everything else worked perfectly fine. I didn’t want to pay full price to replace it, when I could just wait until I get to upgrade. Seeing as how I’m a student, I didn’t want my phone going off in class and now I have an easy solution. Thanks!


  22. hogun Says:

    Awesome ringtone. Now unknown numbers get the silent treatment. 😛


  23. Nicolas de Meeûs Says:

    Thank you very much…..:)


  24. Nerdista Says:

    OMG thank you SO MUCH! This is just perfect!


  25. Walter Says:

    Love it. It is so simple, yet effective. Once you’ve done it, it seems so obvious. Yet you are the first person to think of it, so thank you.


  26. Becca Says:

    You answered my prayers! Freaking iPhone makes me waste the actual ringtones I purchase bc I always put it on silent to avoid telemarketers!!! Thank you soooo much!!!


  27. another Says:

    Thank you, Doctor!

    But I must disagree with your last paragraph. This little gift you’ve given us has everything to do with health. Mental health, at least!

    I thank you again.


  28. Tom Maynard Says:

    Thanks! Silence IS golden!!!


  29. silence Says:

    Thanks. I’ve been wishing for this for months. Now if you can also tell me how to make it impossible for certain pesky callers to even leave a voice mail, my life would be perfect.


  30. Linda Says:

    Thanks so much for this apps. I keep getting a phone call from this jerk in Georgia who is dialing the wrong number. He doesn’t speak much English so I have a hard time communicating. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Great job!


  31. Julian Says:

    Thanks from a colleague in Germany!


  32. Jorge Mario Says:

    I had been asking about this specific ringtone. Thanks for your help.


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