Mild belly aches and vomiting

Holly posted, “My 4 year old has recently been complaining of ‘tummy aches’ during different times of the day. She hasn’t been ill, running a fever, or consuming anything out of the ordinary. She has vomited several times in the last few days. Once she has emptied her stomach, she seems to feel fine. Later, however, a tummy ache returns. Are there any OTC meds ok to give a 4 year old that can help settle an upset tummy? Since no other symptoms of illness are apparent, how many days of occasional vomiting should be dealt with at home before calling the doctor’s office? Since no one else at home is getting sick, is it ok to send her to school?”

Ways to settle an upset tummy begin with some non-medical approaches, like making meals small, and staying away from foods that are rich in fat or protein. Sips of things like clear liquids or cola seem to help. A few studies have looked at ginger as a treatment for nausea, at it is probably effective—but I’m not sure you’ll get a four year old to gnaw on ginger. Most ginger ales contain only artificial flavors, not real ginger root.

A few safe OTC remedies include antacids like Maalox or Mylanta, or a medication for nausea called Emetrol. Pepto-bismal can soothe an upset stomach and help with nausea, but there are some people who advise against its use in children because it contains an aspirin-like ingredient. In the past, taking aspirin during an infection with influenza or chicken pox was associated with a serious liver condition called Reye Syndrome. Though the ingredient in Pepto has never been linked to Reye Syndrome, some people are still leery of it.

As long as she’s overall feeling well, I don’t think a trip to the doctor’s office is warranted for several days. But if this persists, she should be seen. Since she’s vomiting a few times a day, the most likely diagnosis is a viral infection. It would be best to keep her out of school for the protection of the other children until she is well. I know this isn’t always possible for working families, but keeping her home is the best way to prevent sickness from spreading to other children.

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One Comment on “Mild belly aches and vomiting”

  1. Tracey Gehred Says:

    Day to day i always feel nausea and it is mostly caused by my astigmatism (eye problems). There are other causes of nausea and mostly they are benign..

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