Taking a newborn outside

A post from Steve: “I have a newborn baby girl and I was wondering how long after birth does she need to stay in the house. I have heard everything from 1 month to three. If we do take her out what places should we avoid?”

If your daughter is healthy– born at or near term, with no problems—she can go outside any time the weather is nice.

The only health hazards outside are other people. You’ll want to ensure that people don’t touch her or hold her without washing their hands. This is especially true of neighborhood children, who will run up and sneeze on just about anything. It’s especially, especially true of children in the wintertime. As far as I’m concerned, any child you see has had a cold all winter, and shouldn’t touch a newborn without a good handwashing, and probably a complete change of clothes.

As for what places to avoid: stay away from big groups of children, because it’s harder to keep them away. Birthday parties, zoos, and Chuck-e-Cheese are probably a bad idea for the first few months! It’s also best to avoid gatherings of adult friends who might want to play pass-around-the-baby.

As long as you’ve got a personality to tell the neighbors that they can look, but don’t touch, feel free to take your daughter outside anytime. It will do the whole family good!

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