MMR does not cause autism

Bobbie posted: “I’ve heard that the MMR vaccine has been linked to Autism in several studies over the past few years but it is not recognized formally as an issue with the Pediatric Association. My 18 month old son is due to get his shots tomorrow and I am not sure if he really needs the MMR. Is it worth the risk? What are your thoughts?”

Many excellent studies have confirmed that MMR is NOT a cause of autism. Your child should receive his dose of MMR.

This link lists the 23 studies that provide proof that MMR doesn’t cause autism. It was compiled in August, 2007—since then, there have been even more! Many of these studies involve thousands of children. It also lists the three studies, all very small and weak, that have been published that purport to show a link. One of these three studies was retracted by most of its authors and by the journal that published it when it was revealed that the lead author was taking money from attorneys who were suing vaccine manufacturers.

This is long, very detailed, and well-referenced. It goes into more about the personalities and the history of the autism controversy. Well worth the read if you’ve got the time:

The best current evidence shows that autism is a genetic illness– the problem is in a child’s genetic makeup, which is determined long before birth. This is from a fast-growing body of research with multiple sites all over the world contributing. The exciting thing is that once the exact mechanism is figured out, targeted therapy can be developed to hopefully treat autism very early, well before it shows any symptoms. Though a cure based on this research is years away, it’s exciting and hopeful to know that some research into the causes of autism is really showing promising results.

More good web resources on vaccine information are in this page from my practice web site.

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  1. Bobbie Says:

    Thanks so much for the helpful information! 🙂


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