How much formula needed at 10 mos?

Katie posted: “My daughter’s 10 months old. She takes 4 bottles a day, about 20oz. I want to ease into the 1 year – weaning – thing. What is the minimum amount of formula I should give her? Can I go ahead and supplement with milk, or is it best to wait until she is 1 year old?”

By 10 months, your daughter should be eating solids at least three times a day, and solid meals should include a good variety of ordinary table foods that you share with her at family meals together. This can include almost any sorts of foods, except nuts, peanuts, and raw honey. All of these foods ought to be soft enough for her to “gum them.” Good examples are noodles, well-cooked veggies, beans, crumbly meat, cottage cheese—almost anything can be ripped apart so it’s soft enough for a 10 month old.

As a good general guess, 20 oz of formula at 10 months sounds about average. Some babies want more, some babies take less. With a good variety of solids, there is no “minimum” amount of formula that’s needed. As long as your child is growing well, she’s getting all of the nutrition she needs. Don’t worry about exactly how much formula she gets. When she seems to be becoming less interested in finishing her bottle, it’s time to offer more solids.

As for changing over from formula to milk, that’s best done at 12 months of age. You can certainly offer some dairy now—yogurt, cottage cheese, soft cheeses, etc. But a bottle of whole milk can be a little tough to digest at this age.

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